FAST Ballistic Helmet NIJ IIIA

• Material: Aramid or UHMWPE
• Size: L,XL
• Color: Grey, Sand, Black, Green, Customizable
• Unit Weight: 1.50±0.05KGS
• Protective Area: 0.11㎡
• Ballistic Level: NIJ IIIA
• Accessory: chin strap, suspension system & pad
FAST Ballistic Helmet
• USA High-Cut Ballistic Helmet  
• NIJ Level IIIA with Above The Ear or High Cut Design. 
• Protection Against:
   9mm FMJ , 124gr 
   .44 MAG SJHP, 240gr 
• Shell is made out of Aramid with maximum durability.   
• Significant weight savings.
• Injection Molded Side Rails. Accessory rail connectors provide attachment points for quick attach or release, such as flashlights,camera ,visor...etc.
• Re-positionable Slow Rebound Memory Foam Padding
• Adjustable suspender straps and chin/neck pad for best fitting
• Loop panels around, provide extra place to unique your helmet with patch attachment.
• Shorter on the sides for better hearing and integration with headsets.                   
• Offers The Ideal Ballistic Helmets For Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Security Contractors. 

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