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    Agents, SWAT daily clothing need fashion or not?


             Recently I was plagued by a problem, agents and special forces, who is more formidable? It’s been a long time for me. The recently released two films, once again whetted our curiosity: "London Fall", the protagonist is a US Secret Service agent, said to be particularly hardcore, a man singled out a kind of terror organizations. This terrorist organization is how awful? Seemingly orchestrated the death of the British Prime Minister, leaders of the Western powers are deceived into London, and then one by one kill, and finally the rest of the country a presidential meters. The United States Secret Service to protect the President of the United States, and terrorist forces doing morale, and finally get rid of the terrorist forces.


       "My grandfather agents", the name is actually wrong, Hong Kong title called: the old guard, was called old guard, from the trailer can be made to find the answer. Sammo Hung in the film, was the first military contest, the Central Guard even if still worked. So, strictly speaking, Sammo Hung in there not agents, but the special forces. Military first contest, the most powerful of the old man, it sounds very pull the wind ah! So the question is: agents and special forces, in the end who is more powerful? Character A, code-named the "cat": a super-special forces. British SAS crew FIG retired. After retiring, he became the man of the underground world, often some of the problems, he needed soldiers shot the king to resolve. He and other counterparts, will take a number of "live", but the difference is, his asking price is particularly high and never missed. This time, he took a more difficult task, he will be after darkness fell, with a few special forces assault the target. Although he has only a few people, the city has a lot of positive intelligence, his intelligence gathering, he has to do but on intelligence, accurate and fast to complete the task. Perhaps the whole operation will last less than a minute. He can finish the task and then gather with his family. Character B, code 77: a super agent, Former MI6 officer, KGB still stay there, do not ask me why he was in two places at the same time, ask Americans, they think this set is more handsome. He is an experienced, dashing super agent. At this point, he is masculine, walking in the city. His men are always mobilized, ready to knock down incoming enemy dive into all intelligence officers. Moreover, he is ready to sit back and wait. He knew that he will face will be the king of the world of mercenaries cat.