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    Great Wall Protection Won the '2016 Police Protection Equipment Supply Agreement Bidding'


    On May 23, 2016 Jiangxi Great Wall Protection Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. attended the Ministry of Public Security Police Equipment Procurement Center organized the "2016 Police Protection Equipment supply agreement bidding project." Our Great Wall was selected as the winning companies. Our company was established in 1996, it is the first professional production of ballistic protection products. Clear internal structure, from design and development to manufacturing and sales of independent comprehensive coverage, more than 20 years through ups and downs, but we are still alive.

    The first production from the development of bulletproof helmets, and now the whole product streamline, the main products involved are: each grade bulletproof helmets, soft and hard body armor, stab-resistant clothing, bulletproof flapper, bulletproof shields and other processing materials and processes are complete. We can meet the various needs of different customers. Products are widely used in military, public security, armed police, banks, security companies, hospitals, schools and other areas. And also in response to international military collection needs of players with the ability to manufacture a variety of internationally popular American helmet such as M1, PASGT-M88, MICH-2000, 2001, 2002, German M38, 35 helmet, paratrooper helmet, helmet and other peacekeepers.

    Our various protection products with strict production and testing processes, which have received professional inspection report from Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and other weapons authoritative testing department, and as public security, armed police long sentinel production enterprises.As the company continues to develop, our sales channels and sales network is increasing day by day, covering the basic domestic various cities, and long-term export to Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and other dozens of countries and regions, praised by foreign businessmen.

    By 2015, our company fully to increase investment in plant and equipment, the introduction of a number of automated production lines, so that the whole technology level rose to a new level; the future, the Great Wall will uphold pragmatic work hard, innovative corporate culture, so that every users of the Great Wall protection are safe and secure, but also try to do my modest for China's cause of national defense. Our employees continued efforts of our products in the continuous improvement of your suggestion is our wealth

    Your recognition is our motivation, the Great Wall protection, make the world safe. Thanks for the way you have accompanied.